21 Plants For The Shade Garden

While the title talks about the Shade Garden as if this was a specific type, in fact all gardens are bound to have some shady spots where sun loving plants will not thrive. Luckily there are plenty of plants that will grow in shade as Lynne Cherot explains in her article which I found on the Sensible Gardening website.

Why is it that us humans always want what we can?t have? I live in a very hot and arid? area, where the sun shines and it hardly ever rains. People come to vacation here to enjoy this climate with the lakes and beaches. I like it too for the most part. Unfortunately for me when it comes to gardening? I prefer shade plants and flowers. Needless to say I have very few as they do not enjoy my hot sandy soil.
Shade Garden at Sensible Gardening
Shade plants are all about?form and texture. It becomes more about the foliage than the blossoms. The conditions of shade varies from dry as below large trees to damp along streams or bogs. Some areas will be in dense shade and others in dappled or part shade. For every shady location there is a plant that will grow. Flower pot gardens can be very useful in areas where not only is there shade but the soil is poor and nothing else grows. Potted flowers bursting with colour can bring such a dark, dull spot alive.
Shade has a calming effect in the garden, is ideal for a sitting area which becomes an oasis and gives an air of mystery to the garden. Your shade may be from a building, trees, fences or even? a small patch from man made structures. Dappled shade gives the opportunity for a woodland garden which can include many layers of growth reaching right down to ground covers.
Deep shade may make it difficult to have a successful lawn, so why not remove it and plant shade loving perennials and shrubs. You might want to try? a shade loving ground cover like pachysandra or vinca which require almost no maintenance. To brighten a dull spot you can add a container and fill it with bright coloured shade loving annuals. The use of statuary and fountains also blend well with foliage plants.
Shade Garden at Sensible Gardening
Fortunately for gardeners there is a large selection of shade plants to choose from. There are shade loving annuals, perennials, shrubs, vines and trees.

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