The herbaceous border is an essential part of the garden which usually consists mainly of perennial plants that bloom each year. The art in designing an attractive border is finding the proper combination of plants to achieve the overall effect. According to Kathleen N. Brenzel the key ingredients of a great border are curves, lace, accents, layers and color echoes. This collection of 20 border designs comes from the Sunset website.

Great garden borders: The basic ingredients
Creating a border isn’t difficult if you break it down into its basic elements ? lacey fringes, accent colors, layers of short-to-tall plantings, and color echoes.Curving borders, like this one in Ralph Hasting’s Whidbey Island, Washington, garden, are more interesting ? and more complementary with casual landscapes ? than straight-edged ones.
Before planting, test out possible outlines for your border with a rope or hose.
Herb border
Combine thyme, oregano, English lavender, and sage for a gorgeous herb border. Once established, these herbs need only little to moderate watering and occasional fertilizing to look good for most of the year in mild climates.

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Image source: Karen Blakeman