If you had thought that nasturtiums were just another pretty flower then you are in for a big surprise. In fact this plant has so many great benefits that it deserves a place in every garden. For a start you can enjoy the flowers both for their appearance and then their taste since they are edible. In addition they have medicinal an pest control benefits. I discovered this from an article by Anne Gibson which I found on The Micro Gardener website.

Do you grow herbs? They can provide a whole heap of benefits from culinary to medicinal uses and even a splash of colour and fragrance ? but some herbs really earn a special place in the garden because of the added value they provide.
Nasturtiums - More than just a pretty face!
There are several types of nasturtium but the one I can never get enough of in our garden is ?Tropaeolum majus? (commonly known as Indian Cress) – not the ?Nasturtium Officinale? that grows in water and is often referred to as watercress!

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