Garden decor covers a huge range of objects used as a feature in the garden, but this post concentrates on mosaic decorations made from small pieces of glass or colored stone arranged in patterns. These designs can either be abstract or natural representing an animal or fish. The article which is quoted below suggests that these would make great craft projects, but apart from the first they would clearly require considerable skill. Still you can just look and enjoy. I found the article on the Garden Lovers website.

Gardeners spend a lot of time creating visual impacts with plant life. Flowers in the spring and summer, and colorful foliage in the fall and winter, plus other dynamic foliage and shapes year round can create wonderful design elements in the garden.
But plants aren?t the only things that can please the eye. One way to tie different elements of the garden together, fill in empty space, and define different garden areas is creative use of stonework, particularly mosaic patterns.
Stone doesn?t lose its color with the changing seasons, and so it can offer your garden different focal points as the seasons change. Maybe in the summer, the color peeks out from your lush flower beds, but in the winter when things are resting, it can offer you a colorful reminder of coming spring.
You may be nodding your head, already thinking of creating patterns in your garden, or you may be thinking ?I?m not an artist!? The good news is that whether you are capable of imagining elaborate patterns, or simply laying different colors of stone in a straight line, mosaic and stone tiles will still provide a dynamic visual impact.
mosaic spider
We?ve gathered a list of different garden projects ranging from extremely simple, to elaborate art that will take weeks to complete. These include a path created from painted brick, to a life-sized stone musical band, to a garden that is completely stone, no plant life involved.

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