Maybe this is not the right time of year to be thinking about installing a water fountain, but if you are looking for ways to spend that gardening gift voucher you have just been given, you will find plenty of inspiration here. The sound of gently running water creates a special atmosphere in the garden and any of these great designs would make a great feature in the landscape. The solar water fountains are described in an article which I found on the Garden Lovers Club website.

A water fountain is one of?the most fascinating and pleasant?additions you could make to any garden.
Any moving water feature brings so much enjoyment: the sound is meditative, the sight is beautiful, and the possibilities are endless. With the modern convenience of solar panel power, you can place a fountain virtually anywhere in your yard or garden, never having to worry about stringing cords across the lawn or using electricity.
We?ve scoured the internet for some of the most wildly fun and fresh ideas in the realm of solar powered fountains, collecting the best examples right here. We want to share the inspiration and ideas that have piqued our interest, in the hopes that you too can enjoy this dynamic piece of garden zen.
Some of the fountains featured below are ready-made products you can purchase and have running right out of the box, with a bit of water added of course. Others are DIY projects that involve rigging a solar panel to a custom setup. The best projects often combine a bit of both sides, letting you fully personalize a unique water feature for your garden with the help of off-the-shelf parts.

1. Ceramic Frog Fountain

We begin with one of the simpler creations, a ceramic frog pond fountain in miniature. This beautiful little piece can be placed virtually anywhere. Sink it into your garden soil or place on a high wall.

2. Faux Log Fountain

Here?s a grand idea to slyly insert a fantastic fountain in your garden or patio. The realistic log-look water feature spills in a surprisingly natural way, perfect for those who want their garden accessories to blend in.?Source: Relaxinghomewaterfountains

3. Ceramic Bowl Fountain

Here?s a simple design, a bird bath-like fountain crafted from a large ceramic bowl, standing on a minimalist frame. It?s portable and easy to set up any place.

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