Every garden needs a place where you can sit and enjoy the view. While you can always buy a? bench from a garden center, if you want something more out of the ordinary then you could make it yourself. When you see this gallery of photos of DIY garden benches you will be amazed at what can be achieved and perhaps inspired to have a go. I found this on the Garden Lovers Club website.

If you have a large garden at your residence, then you know howe benches can enhance the design of your garden as well as give you a place to sit and enjoy your plants. A bench can be constructed out of nearly any material. In this gallery you will see 20 DIY garden bench ideas?that are made from wood, cinderblocks, stone, and even crates. The material you select is not important; it simply needs to be a design that fits the style and the d?cor of your existing garden.
In this gallery, there are several ideas that I absolutely adore. My favorite is the final entry, which is a log-style bench that is perfect to place by a fountain or a small body of water that is located within your garden. The second design idea that fits my garden style is the second one that we will explore. It is a rustic bench that reminds me of a wicker basket. It is made from limbs and small logs that make a lovely garden bench that is unique.
I also love the eighth idea on the list that incorporates planters into the style of the bench itself. This allows the garden to extend past the edge of the garden, which makes it seem like the bench is part of the d?cor, instead of an afterthought. Out of all of the ideas listed in this gallery, the only one that I would change is the 14th one. It is a great way to repurpose milk crates, but the plastic look of the container just does not fit into the d?cor of my garden. I prefer a wooden bench or something that looks like it belongs in nature rather than the plastic design that is featured in the gallery image.

1. Block and Wood Bench

Source: Kaylas Basement

The first idea in our gallery is one that has cinderblock legs and a 4?4 seating area that is covered with a thick padded cushion. This bench will work best when it is positioned next to a wall, and include a lot of pillows to make it a comfortable place to relax.

2. Bench of Branches

This bench idea is perfect for a garden that has a lot of wood features. The entire bench is designed from tree limbs that have been cut to size. Colorful pillows make this bench standout, and if you have the option, colorful flowers nearby will add some flair to the design.

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