Many of the herbs on this list are used for cooking so it is interesting to learn that they can also make a delicious herbal tea. The list includes mint and lemon balm as well as chamomile all of which are well known for use in teas, but I had not realized that many of the others can be used in this way. I found this list of nineteen tea herbs on the Balcony Garden Web site.

See these 19 tea herbs to make a tea herb garden. It is a wonderful accent that can go along with the rest of your garden and brings you the joy of fresh herbs, you can use these herbs to prepare aromatic, healthy and tasty herbal teas of different flavors.

1. LavenderGrow-Lavender-in-a-Tea-Cup-Planter_mini

Maybe you?ve never thought to make lavender tea but its floral taste is amazing. A delicious cup of herbal tea you can make from lavender flowers that is sweet and fragrant in taste and is perfect for calming your mind, particularly recommended to reduce tension and alleviate headache.

2. Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena leaves are used to make tea. Consumption of its tea improves digestion, joint pain and helps in asthma.
Refreshing and sour, this lemon flavored plant is easy to grow. It needs full sun to thrive and doesn?t tolerate severe winters. Below 14 F (-10 C) the plant dies. It?s more suitable for subtropical and tropical climate, although you can grow lemon verbena in cold?climate, but in containers.

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