19 DIY Water Features For The Garden

Just as a garden that is full of colorful flowers but lacks any fragrant varieties has something missing, so a garden without a water feature of some sort could also be said to be incomplete. In the same way that scented flowers increase the enjoyment of the area the addition of a water feature increases the atmospheric feel of the garden. This article by Juliet which comes from the Top Inspirations website describes nineteen DIY projects to create water features ranging from a miniature fountain to a full size pond.

Having a garden is really a treasure and I hope all of you who do have one are aware of that. Your garden is certainly one precious space and if you take good care of it you can turn it into your own little paradise. A perfect place for relaxation, for enjoying a cup of coffee or a good meal, for parties? for all kinds of different occasions.

DIY Plant Pots Water Fountain

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There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your garden?s appearance and its ambiance. One of them is adding a water feature in it. A fountain, a pond, a water garden, whatever you prefer.?Water features give a touch of tranquility to the space that surrounds them and not only are they beautiful for the eyes to see, but also they are soothing and peaceful?for the soul.

DIY Teapot Fountain

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You may think that getting a water feature for?your garden would be?quite pricey, but it doesn?t have to be. Because there is the option of you making it yourself. That?s right! And it?s not that hard?either,?trust me.?

DIY Stacked Rocks Fountain

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