18 Vegetables That Are Colorful And Worth Eating

18 Vegetables That Are Colorful And Worth Eating

Read on below to discover more of these vegetables that are grown for their color as well as for the kitchen.

4. Beet

Beet ?Bull?s Blood.?

Beet varieties, with their rich burgundy hue, paint a pretty picture. Candy-pink types and red varieties with golden roots are available too, though they come in a milder flavor. One particularly popular type is ?Bull?s Blood? that flaunts bold and fiery red foliage and umpteen health benefits that make it perfect for including in salad recipes.

5. Carrot

Carrot ?Red Samurai.?

Bugs Bunny might have a soft corner for orange carrots, but that doesn?t mean you have to settle for the same. This starchy, crispy vegetable comes imbued in purple, yellow, red or white colors. You can add these jewel-like shades in your garden to enjoy them in your salad or carrot cake later. Stunning varieties include ?White Satin? and ?Red Samurai.?

6. Pepper

Chili Pepper 'Basket Of Fire.'
Chili Pepper ?Basket Of Fire.?

Count on peppers and chilies to liven up and spice up your garden and plate. Colorful peppers aren?t any secret, but most people don?t understand that they all go through the green stage first before ripening to develop their individual colors and flavors. Whether fiery hot or mildly sweet, red, orange, yellow or purple peppers are nutritious, flavorful and a staple of party food recipes. For even more variety, you can opt for ?NuMex Twilight? that features fruits in several different colors simultaneously.

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