18 Vegetables That Are Colorful And Worth Eating

The predominant color you expect to see in the average vegetable garden is green. Green peas, green beans, green cabbage and green lettuce are just a few examples. But look closer and you will find that there are many other possibilities that can make the kitchen garden both colorful and productive. I found this list of colorful vegetables on the Balcony Garden Web site.

A vegetable garden need not be boring. With these Colorful Vegetables to grow, it can be delicious and at the same time? Interesting!

1. Eggplant

Eggplant ?Rosa Bianca.?

The most common types of eggplants feature black or purple fruits, but if you look around, you can find more exotic cultivars bearing red, green, white or orange fruits. To top it all, they produce beautiful purple blooms that add contrast to the colors of the adjoining fruits and some extra spark to your dull garden bed. Also, in warmer regions, you can grow them as perennial.

2. Kale

Kale ?Redbor.?

Kale, with its delicate green leaves and compact growth habit, is a great plant to end the vegetable season, especially when you select the purple-flushed or ruffled purple varieties. For a finer appeal, place them in typical fall containers with mums?to create an eye-catchy show. It?s believed that ornamental kale is purely decorative and has no health value whatsoever. However, it is edible but bitter in taste, so you are best off growing it alongside the traditional green variety.

3. Okra (Lady?s Finger)

Even if okra isn?t quite your thing, you can always use it to decorate your garden. The ruby red ones such as ?Red Burgundy? develop stunning yellow hibiscus-like flowers and torpedo shaped fruits. Additionally, they offer a unique meaty flavor and a crunchy, slimy texture that you can?t find in any other vegetable. When cooked, the red color tends to disappear, and the pods become green.

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