18 Planter Ideas From An Old Barrel

18 Planter Ideas From An Old Barrel

An old beer barrel sawn in half is a traditional form of planter that has been used for many years. While you can still obtain these old barrels, your local garden center will be full of modern reproductions since this is such a popular design. But there are more ways that these barrels can be used as you will see from this article which I found on the Garden Lovers Club website.

Out of all popular container garden tools, the most classic and widely used just might be the venerable whiskey or wine barrel. With absolutely timeless looks and superior utility, these barrels make for a perfect planter in almost any garden setting.

These timeworn barrels can be found nearly anywhere, including your local gardening and home supply stores like Lowe?s or Home Depot, or sourced from friends and neighbors who may be willing to part with extras. The shape and look is pretty uniform: rustic wood, aged metal bindings, and a classic bulging silhouette.
The shape makes barrels?a perfect ready-made planter. The universal look and timeless appeal makes them one of the most versatile pieces of garden equipment you can own.
With this list, we?re taking a closer look at the myriad methods and styles used to include the handcrafted beauty of these barrels in gardens around the world. You?ll see an intense variety of projects on display, from standard well-stuffed planters to elaborate setups involving bird houses, water features, and other whimsical elements.
We hope you feel as inspired as we do by these fantastic projects!

1. Classic Barrel Planter

For our first shared project, we present the classic barrel planter, using a standard half barrel filled with soil and flowers a-plenty. This simple and elegant planter solution adds a rustic charm to any space.
Source: HGTV

2. Tumbling Flowerbed

This idea is both elegant and simple, using a half barrel without major modification. Tipped on its side, you can plant a flowerbed that spills forth like the original liquid contents of the planter.?Source: DinnersreadyArkansas

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