Strawberry planters are those large attractive pots with multiple openings for plants. With such an attractive container it seems a pity if it is used solely for strawberries so this article suggests eighteen flowers and herbs that can be grown successfully in these planters. While you may not agree with all the ideas, I am sure that you will find several plants that you can use in this way. The plants are described in an article which I found on the Garden Lovers Club website.

Who says that you always have to grow strawberries in your strawberry jar?
While it might seem a little counter-intuitive to plant other things in your strawberry jars, they?re actually well-suited to creating herb gardens or small, but colorful floral arrangements for your patio or porch.
The ?pockets? of a strawberry jar are an excellent place to corral different types of flowers, and mixing shorter plants with drooping vines or succulents can help cover the terracotta pot itself.
Strawberry jars are versatile enough to serve as herb gardens, succulent gardens, container gardens with lots of flowers, or even as a combination of the three.
Herb gardens in particular do well in strawberry planters because of the small pockets. The pockets help keep some herbs from spreading too much and taking over your herb garden.
Small annual and perennial flowers also do well in container gardens, especially if they are heat or drought resistant.
So let?s break free of only planting strawberries in a strawberry jar, and create stunning container gardens filled with flowers, shrubs, and herbs!

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