As you will see from the picture this is all about using mirrors in the garden. If you fix a mirror to a wall or fence in a small garden you will immediately make it feel larger. Mirrors can also be used to shed light on a dark corner and for a slightly different approach gazing balls can be a real feature in the landscape. If you need some inspiration on how you could use a mirror in your garden then read this article I found on the Garden Lovers Club website.

Looking to expand a small garden space or patio? Trying to figure out a way to dress up a boring fence or shed wall without having to put in hours of work? Have you considered a mirror? No? We?re glad you are here!
Mirrors can be a great ? and versatile ? addition to a garden. They can help to create an illusion of space in a small garden or add a simple decoration. When well-placed, a mirror can create a secret window into another world or at least it can look like it does!
A mirror can brighten up a shaded corner with reflective light or enhance a visually stunning garden design. Think outside the box even and include mirrors in an unexpected way (we have some great examples!). Mirror balls are an easy way to incorporate a mirror into any garden design, but mirror fence ? that?s unexpected!
We?ve gathered a collection of ideas to include mirrors in any garden space and we hope you find inspiration for your garden!

1. Antique Mirror

The aged look of this mirror is a great example of how to add character to your garden.?A large mirror like this can help to showcase a plant or area and make the space appear larger. The rusted looking planters to either side of the mirror create a great balance of old and new against the lively green plants.

2. White Mirror

This white frame adds a touch of shabby chic to this garden space that complements the bench and floor lamp ? seen reflected in the mirror. Including a large mirror and furniture in a cozy space like this can help to create a space that feels less like a garden and more like and extension of the house itself.

3. Mirrors On A Fence

Hanging large,?thickly framed?mirrors against a fence helps to give the illusion that the space is larger than?it really is. The lattice work frames add a charming country touch to this patio area. Hanging them under a shaded area helps to balance the shadows cast on?the fence.

4. Window Pane Mirror

Peeking out from behind climbing vines and bushes, this mirror looks more like a secret window into another section of the garden.?This is a great idea for a whimsical fairy garden, creating a magical, mysterious corner in the garden. An old window pane can make a great outdoor mirror frame and can be found for relatively cheap prices at?flea markets for a fun DIY project.

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Image source:?Leonora Enking


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