When you have lived in a house for a year or two there will always be a few places where paintwork has been scuffed or areas of the garden that need attention. I found this great list of 17 easy ideas that anyone can use to add that extra something to your property which is known as curb appeal. The list is in the form of a slideshow with before and after pictures for each suggestion. The ideas come from an article over at the Listotic website.

When it comes to curb appeal, sometimes that?s all it takes is a slap of paint and a little creativity. Some of us just have an eye for it, while others may need a little inspiration to get the ideas flowing. You?d be surprised at what a difference even inexpensive changes?can make to the curb appeal of your home. Aside from the obvious ? landscaping, pulling weeds, paint, and general clean up ? here is a roundup of curb appeal ideas that just about anyone can do!

1. Faux Stone Panels
I?ve always wondered why the exposed slab foundation on homes are left as such an eyesore!? I suppose it could get pretty pricey to cover the entire foundation of your home, but these faux panels will leave you with some change left in your pockets. They come in faux rock, stone, brick and wood, with several different styles and colors to choose from. These would be great for the inside of the home, too! Perhaps a fireplace surround or accent wall?
#1. Use faux panels to cover foundation walls and other eyesores! ~ 17 Impressive Curb Appeal Ideas (cheap and easy!)
2. Camouflage An Eyesore
Leave it to that?huge electrical box, piping, and wires to ruin the aesthetics of your home. Paint anything that stands out the same color as your house and they are a lot less noticeable and painful on the eyes. You could also paint other things in the yard the same color as your landscape and surroundings to help them blend in.
#2. Camouflage eyesores with paint! ~ 17 Impressive Curb Appeal Ideas (cheap and easy!)
3. Give Your Front Door A Facelift
Replacing an old door makes a huge difference, but to save a considerable amount of money, consider a little paint and molding instead. See what a difference it can make?! The added molding to the top of the entrance makes it appear more like a grand entrance. In fact, you probably wouldn?t believe that molding is made out of foam! This project just got so much more affordable.
#3. Add molding and paint to your front door! ~ 17 Impressive Curb Appeal Ideas (cheap and easy!)
While these three ideas are all about the house there are several others in the list with suggestions for the garden which you can see at the original source Listotic.com.