Now we have reached the time of the year when it’s no longer possible to garden outdoors we do at least have the consolation of being able to tend our houseplants indoors. This list of seventeen easy care flowering houseplants has been compiled by Lynne Cherot. The plants are described in her article which I found on the Sensible Gardening website.

The gardening season is?over in my neck of the woods, so my green thumb must move indoors. I find working with plants so pleasurable and relaxing, that to go a whole winter without them would just not be possible.?Indoor plants are the next best thing for me. I love the way they fill a room with natural beauty, aromas and a sense of well being. In particular, I enjoy those that offer me blooms at this time of year.

17 Easy to Grow Flowering Houseplants with Sensible Gardening

Some flowering houseplants can be a bit finicky when it comes time to producing blooms but many others are quite reliable and easy to grow. You just have to decide for yourself how much effort you are willing to put in and choose those plants that best meet your commitment level.

I created a list of those flowering plants that are usually available at the nurseries. Most of these following plants are relatively easy to keep alive and healthy, the difficult part is getting some of them to re-bloom. A regular fertilizing schedule will go a long way. We usually buy them in bloom but often are not able to see?them repeat the performance. ?Take a look see and choose a few you would like to enhance your home with this winter.

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