Where did this idea come from? Perhaps someone was stacking firewood in an absent minded fashion when it occurred to him that cordwood could be used to create a novel form of fence. Wherever it originated it has clearly taken off as is demonstrated in these examples. I came across this collection in an article by Vicky from the Top Dreamer website.

If you camped a lot or had a wood burning fireplace or stove you probably understand that finding and stacking firewood is a real job ? a tough job. One wrong move and the whole stack of wood that you have worked hours on creating will come tumbling down. There are many tutorials, tips and ideas of how to stack wood solidly and efficiently to create the least amount of work.
Let?s take a look at these cordwood fences that we rounded up for you and draw some inspiration. You may find them interesting and fun, and you will want to build one in your garden, who knows. Enjoy and have fun!

Breathtaking Cordwood Fences


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