16 Hanging Baskets With A Difference

A hanging basket bursting with blooms makes a great first impression when they it is hung outside the front door. This additional curb appeal is well worth the effort of constant watering needed to keep the flowers healthy. But if you want to be creative and use a different form of planter here are sixteen ideas you can easily make at home. I came across these ideas in an article by Scarlet which I found on the Top Inspirations website.

Gardening is a great hobby and also a creative one. Once you gain a bit of experience, you will learn how to manage your garden and how to maintain its beauty. You need to be creative, come up with unique ideas and constantly work to include different things in your garden that will refresh and improve its look.
1. String Garden

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With some of these 16 original DIY hanging planters you can make easily at home you can certainly achieve a creative and beautiful garden look.
2. Hanging Bag Planters
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Hanging planters are so easy to make and also very cheap. You don?t need to buy a beautiful basket, or a flower pot from a store, some materials that you have at home or you don?t use it anymore can be very useful.
3. Crate Planters
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