A garden fence serves the practical purpose of marking the boundary of your property, but that does not mean that it has to be just a plain and boring structure. The fifteen ideas described in this article by Kathy Woodard show how a basic fence can be turned into an attractive feature. It’s surprising what can be achieved using items such as metal flowers, marbles and an old door. I came across this on The Garden Glove website.

We don?t always think of our outdoor spaces like rooms, but we should! There should be design elements in every garden that make us smile, and that shouldn?t be limited to just plants. Garden fences are like our virtual ?walls? in a garden, and if you think of them that way, you know they need some sprucing! As you would hang photos and art on your interior walls, don?t be afraid to try these 15 creative garden fence spruce ups! Keeyla Meadows is one of my favorite garden artists, and she would tell you that nature is a work of art, so celebrate it! She introduced me some years ago to the idea of a garden as more than just flowers and plants in her book, ?Making Gardens Works of Art?. So let?s do like Keeyla, and and spruce up (at least) our fences! The photo above, is from Keeyla?s Morroccan sanctuary garden. Ok, we probably aren?t going to weld and form and paint and sculpt a fence like this entry gate. But let it inspire you to think creatively!
?Chris H. Olsen? has the idea, he used store bought metal flowers, but then spray painted them a vibrant color and hung them on the garden fence! You could even do this with old tools, or even rusty metal parts.
Garden fence spruce ups-2
So we found this idea on Pinterest, but we love it! This is colored glass marbles set into a pattern in the fence. You could recreate this by first tracing out your pattern onto the fence with pencil, marking where each hole for each marble should go. Make sure the drill bit you use is just a tiny bit smaller than the diameter of the marble, and then drill your holes. You want the marble to fit very tightly in each hole so they will stay in place. Practice with your drill bit(s) to check for sizing on a scrap piece of wood first. BTW, if anyone knows who did this project, please share it with us in comments or email.
Creative Garden Fence Spruce-Ups 15-1

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