15 Ways To Make The Most Of An Old Tree Stump

Trees in the garden can be a great asset by providing blossom in spring and shade in summer, but there can come a time when they may have grown too large or become diseased and so have to be cut down. In that case you may be left with an ugly tree stump which could prove difficult to remove. The alternative is to transform it into a decorative garden feature in one of the ways described in this article by Scarlet which I found on the Top Inspirations website.

Tree stumps are a perfect material for garden decorations, but also for small decorative items for indoors.?They can also be very easily transformed into garden planters that will bring diversity in your garden decoration and will get a completely new function and new life.?If you have old trees in your garden that are either a feature, a part of the boundary to your property or act as a screen and shelter to your home and garden from the neighbors, but they suffered wind damage, or just have grown too much you may consider trimming them or remove the branches completely before they cause?any hazard to?your home.

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However, you can keep the stumps and recycle them.?You can add some paint to a tree stump if you want, but the true beauty lies in its natural look. Decorate a tree stump with flowering plants and grass, creating an amazing focal point for your yard landscaping. Everyone notices a decorated stump, and you can easily create an instant showcase for beautiful flowers. If you need inspiration take a look at these 15 ideas how to recycle tree stumps that make gorgeous garden decorations. Enjoy!

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What a great use of that old tree stump. It is so colorful and beautiful.

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An option for stumps or sections with a little rot in the center or an interesting form can be used as natural looking planters.? If there is no rot present, the center can be hollowed out.?? Stumps can be used in place or cut off at ground level and moved to a different location.

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