15 Ways To Make Awesome Planters With Vegetables

15 Ways To Make Awesome Planters With Vegetables

This is all about growing herbs and vegetables in containers to show them off to their best advantage. There are some great ideas of ways to make the crops look appealing even where this may not be the most efficient method of producing a decent harvest. If you are looking for some inspiration you will find plenty of ideas in this article which comes from the Balcony Garden Web site.

Create a Container Vegetable Garden that gives you a bountiful harvest of fresh homegrown vegetables and herbs in limited space and also looks appealing and?aesthetic!

1. Grow Climbers and Vines

cucumber in pot
Support climbing vegetables and vines and direct them upward with the help of a trellis or a cage or by any other way. Such plants use vertical space and are abundant in production. Bitter melon (a unique tropical gourd known for its health benefits), gourds,?cucumber, pole beans and other beans, Malabar spinach, vine tomatoes, squashes, peas, if you want to try? pumpkin and melons.

2. Choose Colorful Containers

colorful vegetable garden
You?can brighten up your container vegetable garden by choosing colorful containers to grow your favorite vegetable and herbs.

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