If you’re proud of your mailbox and think it looks great then this is not for you. On the other hand you may be interested to learn that there are ways that you can decorate that plain old mailbox and transform it into a feature that will stand out in the neighborhood. I found these fifteen mailbox planter ideas over on the Garden Lovers Club website.

Plain metal mailboxes can be so boring, so why not spruce yours up and make it the envy of your neighborhood? You can do much more than simply paint your box a different color.
Add flowers, a planting bed, or even totally make over your box with an outer shell, if you desire. The best and easiest way to really give your mailbox a new look is to add flowers to the area.
Of course, you?ll need to water and otherwise take care of these plants, but the results will be worth it. You?ll love your mailbox, and your mailman will never put your mail in the wrong box again! It?s nice to be memorable.
We?ve scoured the Internet to find some of the most creative ways to spruce up your mailbox with flowers and planters. You?re going to love these ideas.
We hope you?ll be inspired as well to take on one of these simple ideas and make it your own. Let?s get started!

1. Mini House Planter With Mailbox Door

Source: Home Depot
This lovely planter is shaped like a house, and fits right over a standard metal mailbox. The flag remains on the side, easily visible against the yellow paint. On either side of the actual mailbox are square planters that are filled with bright flowers and a wealth of greenery. If you?d like, paint the house to look just like yours, or get the kids to create a dream home!

2. Classic Urn Planter

If you prefer a less obtrusive, but just as pretty idea, add a large urn filled with bright flowers to the edge of your yard next to your mailbox. This is an excellent idea, since you can easily move the flowers indoors during poor weather, or switch out the plants whenever you so desire.

3. Vintage Tin Mailbox

Find one of these cute, vintage tin mailboxes and use it to display flowers next to your door, or remove their purpose completely as a mailbox and attach them to a fence, patio, or anywhere else! Paint them a brand new, bold color, and plant shallow-rooted flowers in the mail holder. You?ll love the way they look!

4. Hollowed Out Mailbox

An old mailbox that?s no longer in use can have the center removed to make way for another planter. Choose a flowering plant that blooms brightly and grows wildly, so you get the biggest bang for your buck! (Or in this case, all your hard work!)

5. Mailbox with Attached House Number Planter

Source: It?s All About Purple-Debbie / Blogspot
Or, you can opt for this style of planter, which attaches to the back of your current mailbox and also displays your house number! The section that holds your house number is hollow, and a perfect spot to plant some brightly colored beauties!

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