15 Ways To Decorate A Fence With Planters

A garden fence serves the practical purpose of marking the boundary of your property and while a new fence can be an attractive feature in itself there are ways to make better use of this vertical space. I have written previously about ways you can decorate a fence by attaching various items of garden art, but this post is all about different types of planters you can use for this purpose. I came across these ideas in an article which I found on the Garden Lovers Club website.

If you?ve got a fenced in yard, you?ve got a perfect opportunity to expand your garden in a truly unique, attractive way. Whether your backyard is compact or expansive, there?s always room to add more beautiful plant life with fence planters!

Fence planters are one of the best ways to efficiently take advantage of your outdoor area, covering normally unused vertical space with the plants and flowers that you love. Instead of a boring fence wrapping your property, you can use planter boxes to add a splash of color and style.
This can be done in a variety of ways, from store-bought planters designed for this purpose to homemade solutions such as up-cycling pallet wood or crates. The possibilities are endless when you get going.
Below we?ve shared some of our very favorite creative fence planters from around the world, including the wildest DIY projects we?ve ever seen. Whether you?re looking for something simple or aiming to put put your personal stamp on your fence, we?ve got you covered.
We hope you find as much inspiration here as we did. Some of these projects are easier to complete than others, but they are all as unique as can be. There?s no more stylish way to expand your garden and save space at the same time!

1. Painted Cans

fence planter 1
Source: Ciera Design
After peeling off the labels and rinsing a used can out, you can paint them vibrant colors and fill them with small flowers. Suspend them from the fence posts to add a pop of color to it. This is a simple DIY that is easy to finish in a single afternoon. Just be sure to drill holes in the bottom of each can for drainage!

2. Old Purses and Beach Bags

fence planter 2
It?s such a shame when your favorite purse goes out of style. If you?d like to empty out your closet, but can?t bear to give them away, try converting them into beautiful, clever planters. The handles make them easy to display! Choose a wide variety of materials, patterns, and styles for the greatest effect!

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