The biggest problem I find with using planters in the garden is that there are never enough. I am always looking for another container and that means stumping more cash to buy one. But there is another way. You can recycle items from around the house that you no longer need for their original purpose and convert them into planters. These fifteen suggestions come from the Top Inspirations website and will give you some great ideas.

For those of you who are lucky to have a garden, you know just what a blessing it can be. It is the best place for you to spend your free time, especially in the sunny days and warm summer nights. Spending time outside has such a positive influence on your mood, and it is much better than spending all your time confined within four walls. Breathing fresh air for even half an hour can make you feel more refreshed and energized. Which is why your garden is the perfect place for having your morning coffee, relaxing in the afternoon with a cup of tea or a glass of cool lemonade, or having a game of cards or a fun night with beer and your friends in the evenings.
In order for you to feel pleasant in your garden, it is not enough only to have the space and the trees and the grass. Your garden should have an inviting and welcoming atmosphere so that you and everyone else can enjoy the time you spend there to the fullest. For this purpose, just like your home, your garden should be neat and nicely decorated. When it comes to decorating the garden, there are about a million ways in which you could do that. However, some of them can be really expensive, and not everyone can afford the luxury of investing so much money in the garden, when there are probably more important things in the house that require attention.
But that doesn?t mean that you shouldn?t have a beautiful garden. We can show you some ideas which will help you use old items you have lying around the house which will cost you nothing, and turn them into amazing garden decorations. With just a little effort, you can have a beautiful and unique garden that you will love and enjoy spending time in. Take a look at some of these pictures and give some of these ideas a try. There?s nothing to lose!

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