15 Ideas For More Than Just A Raised Bed

The original idea of a raised bed was to provide an area that could be worked at a convenient height without having to stoop down to ground level. Things have moved on since and now any form of structure that encloses the soil at even a few inches above the ground can be described in this way. The examples shown below range from the highly practical to the merely decorative, but they include plenty of ideas if you are planning to construct one yourself. These ideas have been collected by Tanja and come from the Top Inspirations website.

This article is about 15 creative ways for making raised bed garden. You don?t need too much space for having a garden. Actually, you could create more than one raised garden in ?your outdoor place. See through our images how is that possible. I hope that you will find the needed inspiration.
Use your free time for making a small but cute garden bed. Make something that you will love it. Enjoy in the following images that I?ve chosen just for you.
1.DIY Raised bed garden with red and white flowers and pebble stones;
Very impressive garden decoration.

Photo via www.alleideen.com
?Towel pyramid raised garden that you would like to see;
2.Plant strawberries here, plant flowers or any other green plant.
Photo via www.chesapeakecrafts.com

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