The term garden shed usually implies a small wooden structure in which you store tools, flowerpots and other garden sundries, but that is not the case with these fifteen exotic specimens. And the word green in the title does not mean organic, but rather that they will make you green with envy. Who would not want one of these amazing creations in their garden? I came across them in an article by Vicki Caldera on the Karma Stream website which describes these great garden sheds.

Hey there my dear karma streamers! How are you? Are you enjoying the beautiful summer days? I love spending my free time outdoors, so I searched the Net to find some ideas to enhance this space. What I found were these 15 awesome backyard sheds that will amaze you. Are you excited?
We have already shown you million ideas of how you can decorate your outdoor living space, but I?m 100% sure that the shed ideas here will blow your mind and you will want to have one in your yard too. They are great for all gardeners, as they offer storage solution for all tools and supplies. Or if you are not much in gardening, you can turn this space into a peaceful retreat, playroom for your little ones or maybe a workshop.
I felt in love with all of them, so I advise you to check them one by one and get inspired. Enjoy and have fun!
15 Awesome Backyard Sheds That Will Amaze You - idea5-535x383
image via www.gardendesign.com
15 Awesome Backyard Sheds That Will Amaze You - idea3-1-535x535
image via www.popsugar.com
15 Awesome Backyard Sheds That Will Amaze You - idea2-1-535x803
image via www.lowes.com
15 Awesome Backyard Sheds That Will Amaze You - idea6-1-535x535

image via www.housetohome.co.uk
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