The basic requirement of a garden path is that it should have a paved surface so that you can walk around without getting your feet wet. Obviously there are situations where it makes sense to have a grass path, but that is another matter. So the path has to be paved, but the materials and design of the paving are infinitely variable. Here you can see fifteen different ideas which are described by Vicki Caldera in her article which I found on the Karma Stream website.

Hey there my lovey people! How are you? Are you enjoying the beautiful days? I?m always here to show you some incredible ideas to decorate your interior and yard. For today, I?have a very interesting post that is called ?Paths and Ground Covers for Your Yard?. Are you excited?
There are so many paths and walkway designs to choose from. And instead of building a solid brick or concrete path, consider adding a living path to your landscape. Ground covers can soften the hard edges of patios, paths and stone steps.

Here are some ideas of path designs and ground cover tips that I hope that you will find useful. Enjoy!


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