15 Flowering Trees For Blossom And Fruit

15 Flowering Trees For Blossom And Fruit

While not all the trees on this list provide fruit you can eat they do all burst into blooming blossom in spring. Just as in spring we look for the emerging daffodils and tulips at the same time we look up to admire the blossom on the trees. This article by David Beaulieu which I found on The Spruce website is intended to encourage you to plant one or more of the fifteen spring flowering trees described below.

Apple Trees in Spring

They Have Ornamental Value, Too Picture of apple trees in bloom. David Beaulieu

What’s a spring yard without flowering trees?
If you’re not already convinced of the beauty that flowering trees lend to a landscape in spring, then I hope my pictures of flowering trees serve that purpose. Indeed, if you’re any sort of landscaping enthusiast at all, you’d have to ask the question, “What’s a spring yard without flowering trees?” You wouldn’t leave your fall yard without fall foliage specimens, would you? But even in cases where I’m preaching to the choir concerning the value of these spring beauties, you’ll want to view my pictures of flowering trees for further information about them. For I supplement most of my photos with links to resources that discuss the flowering trees in greater detail.

When you hear “apple trees,” you naturally enough think “apples”.
But don’t be fooled by their fruit into thinking that apple trees can’t be highly?ornamental, too, as this picture shows. Sometimes, we’re just fortunate enough to enjoy a 2-for-1 deal!

Weeping Higan Cherry Trees

Weeping Higan: Popular Ornamentals Picture of weeping Higan tree. David Beaulieu
Unlike apple trees the popular ornamental cherry trees are grown primarily for their flowers.
Among the most popular ornamental cherry trees are the weeping Higan cherry trees.

Weeping Crab Apple Image


There’s Nothing “Crabby” About These Beautiful Trees Picture of weeping crab apple tree. David Beaulieu
Weeping cherries aren’t the only ornamentals with a weeping form.
A weeping crab apple tree is shown in this picture.
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Featured image: David Beaulieu

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