15 Fascinating Bonsai Trees To Drool Over

15 Fascinating Bonsai Trees To Drool Over

The creation of a bonsai tree takes many years of highly skilled care and attention and as a result they are expensive to buy. While it would be nice to own one of these exquisite creations the article quoted below gives you the next best thing – a chance to admire fifteen beautiful bonsai trees. The article is by Emma Smizer and comes from the Shareably website.

Bonsai trees have long been admired for the dedication and care that goes into them. It?s no secret that bonsai gardeners are a seriously patient bunch! Creating the perfect bonsai garden from scratch can take years, depending on the tree you?re trying to cultivate. I know ? who has time for that?

That?s why we?ve decided to gather the most beautiful bonsais on the net to celebrate their awesomeness and weep over our own lack of patience. Let?s jump right in!

1. You really can?t wrong with this classic juniper bonsai tree. I think I?m in love with that perfect marble-white trunk!

Source: pinterest.com

2. How is it that almost every bonsai tree seems to defy gravity?

Source: bonsaitreegardener.net

3. See? Bonsai trees really throw gravity for a loop.?

Source: pinterest.com

4. This intricate little beauty!

Source: tokyogoodidea.com

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Feature photo: jardineriaon.com


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