Fall is the season of harvest and a great way of marking the turn of the year is to place a wreath on your door. These fifteen fall wreath designs cover a wide range of styles and several feature cute baby owls. This collection comes from an article which I found on the Garden Lovers Club website.

Nothing is better than feeling the fresh, crisp air of fall after a long, hot summer. Well, nothing except maybe decorating for fall! We have catalogued fifteen amazing decorative fall wreaths to get your home dressed for the occasion of welcoming this wonderful season. You will see wreaths for every taste and style that will show visitors to your home that you are excited to welcome the autumn season. Each wreath has its own unique feel, which may make it difficult to pick a favorite. There are many wreaths adorned with owls, numerous wreaths with fall colored leaves, and several more wreaths created from grape vines, to give your home that personal, autumn and earthy touch.
My personal favorite is the Frolic in the Woods Wreath. It is simple, yet elegant and filled with all of my favorite plants. There is even one wreath below that could be used for fall and winter seasons, the Peck of Pine Cones Wreath. While the Frolic in the Woods Wreath is my favorite and the one that I will be lovingly hanging on my front door this season, it may not be your taste. That is why we have included fifteen different wreaths with all types of variations so that you can choose the d?cor that best suits your home?s personality. Have a look below to see which wreath you will choose for your home autumn d?cor this year. And if you can?t choose just one, I?m sure that you can find many places in your home to display as many as you like!

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