For people who only have a very small garden or even none at all there is always room for a few planters. In this situation one way to make the most of the space is to use window boxes to provide an extra growing area. You might think that this would not provide much scope for a decent display, but when you see the examples below you will be surprised to see what can be achieved in a small space. I came across this list of fifteen fall window boxes in an article on the Garden Lovers Club website.

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, window boxes are a way to add plant life around the exterior of your home when you lack the space for a garden. Window boxes can be designed in a number of different ways. Some sit directly on the window?s edge, while others are designed to hang under the window. As you look at this gallery of window box ideas, you will see several different concepts that could be ideal for your outdoor d?cor this fall.
Out of the 15 ideas in this gallery, the one that I adore the most is the eighth entry. It is a lovely hanging window box that features an artistic design that would look great on a first floor window. This window box is not a hard solid box, but it is a soft peat moss pot inside of a metal frame that is curved with a unique chic design. You can even incorporate gourds and other traditional festive fall items into the planter if you wish.
The other window box that I really like from this gallery is the 11th one that will be covered as we explore the gallery. Instead of a window box that is simply one long unit, this one is designed with several small planters that are held in place by the metal frame of a window box. This idea allows you to change the pots to look great during the fall, and then in the spring you could change the planters and the flowers to introduce some brightness to your home.
I love all of these fall window box ideas, but if I could change a single aspect on one of the gallery images, I would transform the fourth idea on the list into a hanging window box. Having that green window box directly in the pane is a bit tacky for my tastes; it would be more subtle hanging below the window.

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