15 Design Ideas for a Stone Patio

A stone patio area can be a great addition to any property. The patio is usually sited so that you can walk on to it from the house although other arrangements are possible as you will see below. Although the main focus of this piece is design there are also tips on planning including considerations of soil type and drainage. This information comes from an article by Lauren Dunec Hoang which I found on the Houzz website.

Stone patios can be beautiful and long-lasting landscape additions. As the floor material for an outdoor dining room, lounge or firepit seating area, cut stone and flagstone form a durable base for furniture and garden accessories. Using local stone can also be a great way to tie in a newly installed patio to your site.

If you’re thinking about adding a stone patio to your garden, you’ll want to consider factors like the cost; the patio’s size, shape and position to best suit your needs; and site-specific considerations like soil type, grading and drainage.

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Feature photo: JHLA | Jennifer Horn Landscape Architecture

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