This the opposite of a formal garden design where there are straight lines and perfectly clipped hedges. The rustic look on the other hand takes its inspiration from nature which it attempts to reproduce in a garden setting. As you will see from the examples below it helps if you have some well established trees, although this is not essential. These ideas come from an article by Natalie which I found on the Top Dreamer website.

A rustic style is the type of style that can instantly create a warm and inviting atmosphere. And besides incorporating this style into your home, you can also decorate your backyard with this style. A rustic landscape is all about reflecting the natural surroundings. Such landscape designs are often seen around rustic residences set by the side of a lake or in the mountain.
Rustic homes are are often made of wood, stone, iron and glass. And because of their remote location, there is a lot of outdoor space for creating some type of private backyard. A rustic home is surrounded by nature, but?again the landscape will require some attention to get the best of it. So, trimming the trees and plants is a must, as well as good positioning of rocks and planters to give a god look to the area. The simplest rustic landscape can feature a stone pathway, surrounded with lots of trees, plants and grass areas. And if there is more space available, there could be even some waterfalls or sitting area with a fire pit. Below, we have chosen several versatile rustic landscape designs that will for sure amaze you. Check them out!

?Wonderful Rustic Landscape Designs

Wonderful Rustic Landscape Designs Only For Your Eyes
Photo via: milehighlandscaping.com
Wonderful Rustic Landscape Designs Only For Your Eyes

Photo via: houzz.com
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