If you were asked what bottles, bamboo, bicycles and a birdcage have in common, you might reasonably reply that they all start with the letter “B”. In fact each of these items can be used as a garden planter. Since we are all needing more containers for our plants it makes sense to use things that we already have to save the cost of buying new. You may not like all of these fifteen ideas, but they will at least give you food for thought. I found these 15 ingenious planters over on the Garden Lovers Club website.

Part of the beauty of having a garden is the fact that you are in control. You decide what look you want, what flowers will be planted where, if there will be vegetables, and whether or not you want certain things growing. You can personally design the landscape to create any kind of atmosphere, and as time goes on, the ways to customize your garden space are only increasing.
Although?you hold the initial designing power, once you put a plant into the ground, it has to stay there. You can always dig around the roots and attempt to relocate it, but lets be honest; that?s a lot of work, not to mention you risk killing the plant. The perfect solution to keeping your garden versatile is to use planters! They allow you to plant whatever you want, while also keeping the option open for you to move things around.
Having a set of good planters for your garden is almost essential. Planters can be used for almost any plant, given that you have the right size. They are manufactured and sold in many different styles, and there is nothing wrong with finding the right planter from the store. However, by doing it yourself, you are choosing to put your own character and style into your garden.
Check out these examples of some other DIY planters, and decide if any of them will work well in your own garden!

1. Soda Bottle Planters

These two liter soda bottles are such a common craft item that it is no surprise to see them used here as small planters! Simply cut out a long section on one side of the bottle to create the perfect little container for any herbs or small plants.

2. Bamboo Pipes

Bamboo Planter
Bamboo is incredible material. Its outer structure is one of the strongest natural materials that we use. Here, a section of bamboo was cut from the limb to allow the plants to grow, creating this attractive design.

3. Bicycle Planter

Source: Our Fairfield Home & Garden
What better way to put an old rusty bike to use than to incorporate it into your garden! A planter installed in front of the handlebars and behind the seat?creates a classy and creative look.

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