If you are wondering what to grow in your planters this year here are some ideas to get you started. There are so many interesting combinations you can try. One idea involves textures with frilly fern fronds mixing with dark heuchera leaves and silky pink tulips. Or yellow begonias, white hyacinth with Boston fern. Another approach is to use three or more flowers of the same color.
In fact none of these suggestions come from the fifteen ideas mentioned in the title which are more concerned with the planters or pots used to hold the flowers. I found these in an article on the Top Inspirations website.

Planters overflow with beautiful and colorful flowers can be a great decoration for your garden or front yard.?Potted plants are the ideal solution for those who do have a small garden, or for those who want to decorate the entrance of the house or the balcony.? You can grow almost everything type of flowers in a pot, but the main thing?to remember is that potted plants can not survive autonomously, they become completely dependent on your care and your love. So, if you want to add some flowers in your outdoor decor, take a look at some examples what kind of pots you can use. Enjoy the following 15 wonderful planter ideas that will beautify your?outdoor decor.
Opt for a vertical garden to decorate?your balcony. You?ll need an old pallet to hang?some smaller flower pots and your garden is ready.

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