There is something magical about a tree house. You are living up in the sky with the ground far below, or so it seems in your imagination. At first glance the idea is really appealing until you are brought back down to earth with the practicalities of an awkward location and too many steps to climb every day. So just look at these fifteen exotic dwellings and dream. The list comes from the Garden Lovers Club website.

We all used to fantasize about clubhouses hanging in the sky, a place where we could get away from those cootie-ridden girls or escape the pestering boys. In the days of youth, a rope ladder leading up to a simple platform would have sufficed. There is just something special about creating our own space and embedding it into nature.?Tree houses are a product of?the adventurous human spirit, and what people have been able to create is absolutely astounding.
While some of us may have had the perfect tree house?at a young age, it is often found that growing up can rob us of simple pleasures like climbing a tree, not to mention building a space in one. Fortunately, not all of us have lost our taste for innovation, and thanks to the avant-garde attitude of those building these tree houses, we have inspiration to get back out there, and create our own kind of masterpiece in the trees.
Although the featured tree houses are?extravagant, and likely too complicated of a task to DIY in the backyard, they may provide?a vision of something you want to create. For those of us without the means or the resources to build something so grandiose, The Tree House Guide, provides great instructions for getting started. With a little motivation and a few good ideas, you may soon find yourself lounging in your own treetop?utopia.

oneSource: The ChiveFeatured first in our peruse through treetop paradise, is this house that is seemingly encaged by the tree on which it is built. With a wide inviting staircase and bucolic plank walls, this tree house is truly dreamy and welcoming to all who might wish to experience the wonder inside.

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