The average raised garden bed is basically a rectangular wooden box, but it doesn’t have to be this way as these fifteen interesting designs demonstrate. While some may be more practical than others, there are plenty of really good ideas in this collection which has been compiled by Tanja and comes from the Top Inspirations website.

Hi friends. How are you? Finally it?s weekend and we are in our sweet home. Today, is the day when we need to be creative. Today is the day when we need to do raised garden bed. In the following, you will have a chance to see how to do it yourself one garden. You could have garden in a small place too. It doesn?t mean that you need to have large space for doing that.
Take a look in?15 unique raised garden bed to increase the value of your outdoor space. See the following ideas and instructions on how to do it yourself raised garden bed. Share these ideas with your friends and with the people that you know. Thanks for following us and keep doing that.

  1. DIY wooden raised garden fence with door;
Photo via www.outdoorlivingtoday.com

2. DIY spiral raised garden with gabion wall;

Photo via www.amazinginteriordesign.com

3. DIY wooden garden for growing vegetables in your outdoor place;

Photo via www.celfan.com

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