I have written about mosaic paths before, but on each occasion the designs become more and more exotic. No longer are they just composed of pebbles of various colors and sizes, but now painted tiles and colored stones make for more inventive and exotic designs. The fifteen examples described below come from an article by Natalie which I found on the Top Dreamer website.

Your garden or yard can become your favorite place for expressing your creativity. This means that you can skip the plain designs and look for some more eye-catching ones. For instance, instead of a plain concrete pathway, you can make a mosaic one. Mosaic pathways can definitely beautify your outdoors and today we want to show you several ideas of how to make some such pathway too.
A mosaic is a picture or pattern made by arranging together small pieces of hard materials like tiles, glass, stones etc. And yes, there are no rules of how to do it, because you can create any pattern you like. The following collection features some of the best mosaic pathways and we?ve brought them to you to inspire you to make some for your garden too. Check them out!

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