Japanese gardens hold a particular fascination for us in the west because of their highly formal designs and the spiritual significance of some of the elements. These include ponds and water features often with koi carp, rocks and bridges. It is quite possible to create a Japanese style garden of your own and the fifteen examples described in the article which I found on the Garden Lovers Club website will give you some great ideas.

Some of the most extraordinary garden ideas that I have encountered recently are Japanese gardens. These outdoor spaces are designed to give you a peaceful place where you can relax and rebalance your Zen. It is a place for meditation, to gain inspiration, and reflect on the events of your life. This guide is designed to show you how delightful a Japanese garden can be and give you a window of ideas that you can look through to discover new Japanese garden ideas that you can create in your own backyard.
Many of these ideas feature traditional Japanese garden aspects like Koi ponds full of fish, exotic bridges to trap evil spirits, and mysterious paths that beckon you to walk a little deeper into the garden. Before we begin exploring specific ideas, let?s take a look at some tips to help you begin creating your Japanese garden.

Utilize Existing Landscaping Features

If you are changing a traditional garden into a Japanese theme, then it may take a bit of work. If you have a waterway nearby, it may simplify creating a pond or stream, but if the landscape is already mature with plants and trees, it could make the process a more difficult one. Move rocks to the water?s edge, and use the existing greenery to create accents along the outer edge of the garden if possible. If a lot of plants are already present in the garden, then creating one that is half Japanese gardens may be more ideal than taking on the entire project at once.

1. Koi Pond with a Waterfall

Source: Pinterest
This garden features a beautiful pond that is filled with koi. The edge of the water is lined with small shrubs and accent pieces. There is also a narrow waterfall that adds a soothing trickle to the environment.

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