For anyone who only has a limited space in which to create a garden the standard advice is to grow upwards. This means using the walls or fences to accommodate climbing plants or a series of smaller plants in containers arranged in tiers. Sometimes the planting can be so dense that it is described as a wall garden. If you want some inspiration as to how this can be achieved then these fifteen examples should help. I found these in an article by Vicki Caldera from the Karma Stream website.

Hey there my lovely people! How are you? Spring is just around the corner and I?m very excited. I love spending my free time in the yard, what about you? I enjoy?reading books,?drinking coffee with?my friends on fresh air?and?as winter is gone it is time to consider reorganizing, cleaning and making the yard a perfect gateway for relaxation and enjoyment. I wanted to inspire you and awaken your creativity, so for today, I have a very interesting post that is called ?15 Awesome Wall Gardens To Enhance Your Yard?.
As long as you have got a lonely walls or a fence in your yard, you can give them a new, more cheerful look with these wall garden ideas. Who said that you need spacious yard to fulfill your desire of having marvelous plants and flowers. Each vertical garden that you will see in the gallery below inspire high hopes for the upcoming season. Just like the hanging gardens, they don?t require much space, in fact they can be made in various styles to meet your needs and preferences.

15 Awesome Wall Gardens To Enhance Your Yard - garden15

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15 Awesome Wall Gardens To Enhance Your Yard - garden14-535x535

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