Stones can be a nuisance in the garden if the soil is full of them and you have to spend time? and effort digging them out. On the other hand stones and pebbles can be used in so many ways to provide attractive decorative features. The examples below range from decorative stepping stones, pebble mosaic pathways and glow-in-the dark rocks to garden signposts. These fifteen ideas come from an article which I found on the Diynhome website.

Nature and the great outdoors are full of awe, beauty and wonder. Even just outside your home there is often a beautiful view or simply a nice patch of grass and trees that anyone can appreciate. Nature is also full of durable and easily obtainable resources. Which resources you may ask ? stones, rocks and pebbles of course. We put together a great concise list of tips and tricks on how you can decorate your outdoor space, whether it will be a garden, patio, walkway or even the yard by using those very stones and things. Better yet, they are natural and you get them from various locations around your neighborhood or possibly a not so distant forest without spending a dime, so you can save your money for a later bigger project. When searching for what you need, be sure to be getting the right quantity and size stones so you can put together all of these DIY ideas all very nicely. Well, let?s get rocking and rolling with these stones.

Fifteen ?ncredible DIY Garden Redecorating Ideas by using Rocks 1

Fifteen ?ncredible DIY Garden Redecorating Ideas by using Rocks 1

Stepping Stones Path: Paint figures of nature onto large stones, or paint different solid colors onto many small stones and arrange them into the figures.

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