14 Indoor Craft Projects for the Winter

14 Indoor Craft Projects for the Winter

Now that Christmas is over it is an ideal time to think about trying a craft project while keeping warm indoors. These fourteen ideas range from how to make fake snow, creating pinecone animals and garden miniatures to using recycled materials. Each project has a link to a page with full instructions. These craft projects are described by Melissa Will and come from her Empress of Dirt website.

When the weather keeps you indoors, it?s the time to catch up on all the stuff you don?t have much time for in the warmer months. For me, that?s reading, cooking, woodworking, sewing, and crafting.
Here?s some ideas for simple projects to do indoors during the hibernation months. Most can be completed in an afternoon. Put on a movie or music, get your supplies ready, and have a good time.

Crafting with Natural Materials

How to Make Pinecone AnimalsCreate Pinecone Animals How to Make Beeswax Candle BowlsMake Beeswax Candle Bowls

Image Transfers

9 Image Transfer Methods for Wood, Fabric, Glass, and More9 Image Transfer Methods Transfer Images to Wood and CanvasTurn Fave Photos into Art

Handwork | Sewing | Embroidery

Make an Owl Ear Bud CaseMake an Owl Ear Bud Case Make a Felt Phone CaseMake a Felt Phone Case

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