14 Amazing Tree Houses That Are Just For Fun

Tree houses are fun for kids and for adults too and many of those shown below are too exotic to be just for kids. Although the tree house may be only a few feet above the ground it is somewhere separate where you can hide away. It is a place of refuge where you can retreat and find peace. Even if you cannot have one of these in your own garden you can enjoy the photos below and dream. I came across these fourteen amazing tree houses on the Top Inspirations website.

Having a small tree house means that you will have your own private place. You could sit there with hours. You could do whatever you like and nobody will watch you. If you are sad you could cry there, but if you are happy you could smile there. All you want you can do it, alone or with your whole family.
And now take a look in the following 14 tree house fun for the whole family.

Photo via www.madebymood.com
Photo via www.madebymood.com
Photo via www.friv5games.com
Photo via www.barbarabutler.com

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Feature Photo via www.alexandergruenewald.blogspot.mk