And it’s not just teapots. Old kettles, jugs and even saucepans can be reinvented as planters. While some are more impressive than others you will have to admit that there are some great ideas which should inspire you to dig out some old utensils and give it a go. I came across collection of teapot planters on the Top Dreamer website.

If you have some free time and want to improve your diy skills and techniques, then you should definitely visit our site. We have million projects that you can make without spending a dime and in no time. Every old or broken?item you have at home can be reused. Don?t throw away the old teapots, because you can transformed them in beautiful indoor gardens and outdoor gardens as well. The ideas that I have found are magnificent and will leave you speechless for sure. So, let?s check them out and get inspired to create very own garden design. Enjoy and have fun!


14 Mesmerizing DIY Teapot Planters That Will Impress You
14 Mesmerizing DIY Teapot Planters That Will Impress You

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  1. I love succulents. I didn’t plant any this year. In fact planted only a few pots. I know Lynne, you had a picture perfect garden. Miss seeing all those beautiful flowers you used to bring in to Black Box. LY

  2. I have been buying teapots in thrift stores. I just wanted ideas on this article & couldn’t find any more pics other than the green one shown with plants in them. That one was cute & I wanted to see more.

  3. But, one needs a special drill bit and must run water over while drilling draining hole to prevent cracking. Best to initially take teapot with you to hardware store for advice on which bit to use. Helpful to practice first on a piece that it would be okay if cracked.

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