13 Ways To Use Old Bricks In The Garden

An ordinary red brick that is a few years old tends to assume a slightly orange tinge and a rather worn appearance. And this is ideal for use in a garden where these old bricks can be recycled in so many ways. For example a garden path can be laid as a DIY project and low walls can be created without the need for mortar. More ambitious projects will require the skills of a bricklayer but the results can be amazing as you will see from the examples below. These ideas come from an article which I found on the Karma Stream website.

Hello to all the passionate gardeners out there! Today I bring you some awesome ideas about garden decor. You probably have some old brick somewhere in your storage. Why don?t you use these to create something amazing? Yes, you can do it. And I have the best ideas on recycling old bricks into garden decor. Do you like this? Read on and find out more!

Fun garden paths

If you think that your garden is missing a path, then old bricks will do the trick. You can do amazing patterns. These paths will bring some dazzle into the greenery. Try it!



Raised garden beds

Raised garden beds are a huge hit now. And you can easily recreate them with old bricks.

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