13 Inspiring Ideas For Summer Planters

13 Inspiring Ideas For Summer Planters

If you like the idea of a garden but do not have the time or the inclination to care for a complete plot then think about creating a container garden. This will take little time or effort and can result in a spectacular display. The photos of the thirteen summer container gardens have been submitted by readers of the Houzz website. The containers are described in an article by Annie Thornton which I found on the Houzz website.

Houzz gardeners love their summer container gardens, as seen by the nearly 100 Comments on a recent Houzz ideabook. But more than the plants, it?s the experience everyone loves so much. ?The act of gardening is a peaceful and gratifying experience,? says Zara Bogaski, who shared photos of her porch for this story. ?It?s much easier and less time-consuming than larger scale gardening,? she says of container gardens. Let?s take a look at 13 of our favorite reader gardens from this summer.
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