Well they are not all unusual, in fact the first idea uses conventional flowerpots arranged on a metal stand. This is followed by a wicker basket and a cobalt blue container. As we progress down the list the containers become more unusual which just goes to prove that if it appeals to you then anything goes. This list has been compiled by Melissa from the Empress of Dirt.

Come Get Ideas for Your Garden

If you love creative garden container ideas you’ve come to the right place.
I’ve gathered up a bunch ideas for you to steal for your garden.
Traditional pots are lovely but there’s also lots of quirky possibilities as well. Come see which ideas you like best.
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If you need to fill in a garden bed and add some height,?one of these metal flower pot stands?could be the answer.
Metal flower pot stands have been around for years. They were the original vertical garden shelves before it became hip.
If you choose an older one, embrace the rust or add a fresh, vibrant coat of paint.


Wicker baskets can be used as planters or to disguise ugly pots.
If you’re going to plant a wicker basket, line it with thick plastic and add a few drainage holes (to the plastic, not the basket).
This basket ( photo, above) is on a shepherd’s hook which is a really smart way to add color where you want it in the garden.

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