12 Raised Bed Designs To Make Your Life Easier

The benefits of growing vegetables in raised beds are now widely appreciated so it is common to find them in many of our gardens. Traditionally a raised bed was constructed from wooden planks, but many other materials can be used as is demonstrated in this article by Vicky which I came across on the Top Dreamer website.

If you are enthusiastic gardener, then you should definitely check these ideas and tips out and draw some inspiration to?grow healthy vegetable and fruits in your yard. Even if you are space-limited and tight on budget, don?t despair! Below you will find some space-saving and very cheap ideas that will blow your mind. Enjoy!


image via brookegiannetti.typepad.com


image via designmag.fr


image via wrapdcouture.com


image via wildzest.com

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Feature photo: inoustudio.com