12 Ideas To Make A Huge Impact In Your Garden

This is all about ways to transform a garden that is rather ordinary into something that is really special and will wow the neighbors. If you skim the article below you will see suggestions such as “Less is More”, “Embrace Shapes” and “Wow with Water”, but read again slowly and you will discover specific ideas on how to achieve the desired result. These twelve tips and tricks come from an article by Rachael Liska which I found on the Birds and Blooms website.

Each garden, like the person who planted it, has its own personality. Wild. Romantic. Eccentric. Classy. But the one thing a garden shouldn?t be known for is having a wallflower personality. Garner your garden the attention it deserves with these 12 tips and tricks.

1. Less is More

It doesn?t take much to make a statement, especially in a small garden. A single specimen tree, a brightly painted obelisk, a piece of stone sculpture?set out simple touches like these in highly visible or high-traffic areas.

2. Embrace Shapes

Formally sculpted evergreens, the spiky fronds of a yucca or the striking ball of blooms atop an allium are good examples of how shapes can create intriguing focal points. Plant in groupings to make a statement or plot out points around the garden to help visually lead an observer?s eye through the space.

3. Wow with Water

There?s something about the sound and appearance of water that speak to the human soul. Whether it?s a quiet corner pond teeming with koi or a bubbling stone fountain among the roses, water is a strong element that can?t be overlooked. For the biggest splash, opt for flowing water, like waterfalls and streams. If space or budget is an issue, try smaller items like rain chains or a tabletop waterfall.

4. Master the Art of Unpredictability

Every corner of your garden is an opportunity to show off your unique sense of style. A wall of planted garden boots or teakettles will stop passersby in their tracks. Try grouping quirky collectibles together. Adorn a single tree with pretty beads and ornaments, hang a salvaged chandelier from a rustic arched arbor, or make a wine bottle tree.

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