For some people shady areas in the garden can be a problem. They think that plants will not thrive in conditions where there is little sun during the day, but you only have to look at woodland wildflowers to see that there are plants that enjoy the shade. This article by Dolores Monet which I found on the Dengarden website features twelve shade-loving flowering plants.

You Can Plant Flowers in the Shade

The shady areas around our homes are pleasant, but often they are bare spots devoid of flowering plants. Many perennials, annuals, and shrubs that can brighten up those partially shaded to fully shaded areas near or under trees, or on the north side of the house.
Some shade-loving plants offer colorful or variegated foliage to brighten up those dark areas. Others produce lovely flowers.
Before you choose a new plant, define the type of shade in the section of the yard where you want to plant it. Below is a classification of types of shade, and then a list of shade-loving plants and their requirements.

Types of Shade

Moist and cool shade on the north side of the house offers an excellent environment for several shade-loving plants. Ferns, while not flowering plants, present an attractive show, with their delicate leaves and arching fronds.
Partial shade means shade for four or five hours during daylight hours. Many plants that prefer partial shade will do best in morning sun, as the afternoon sun in hot summer months may be too intense.

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