12 Design Tips From Amazing Fall Gardens

Fall is the season of changing colors. The leaves of green become gold, orange and red then drop leaving bare branches creating a dramatic change of scene. The twelve ideas described below show how you can make the most of these changes in the garden at this season. These tips are contained in an article by Lauren Dunec Hoang which I found on the Houzz website.

Fall gardens are all about drama. The air turns crisp, and deciduous trees change from green to brilliant gold, rich amber and fiery red. Leaves rustle, ornamental grasses sway and catch the late-afternoon light. Rose hips and toyon berries look like clusters of jewels.
Whether you?d like to add a few containers to brighten your entryway, tuck in a patch of late-blooming flowers or choose a statement tree for an annual fall show, here are a dozen ideas to give you some inspiration for making your garden shine this season.
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Feature photo: Field Outdoor Spaces